User Case

Makino: Validation of ultra-precision machine platforms

Before the use of Alicona, MAKINO was unable to confidently validate and promote the capabilities of its ultra-precision machine platforms.

John W. Bradford,
Micromachining R&D Manager, Makino

“Alicona enables us to quickly develop a machining process, make specific process iterations containing adjustments as small as 1µm in depth and size. This results in the customer purchasing the machine being evaluated. This example has repeated itself countless times in the two years that we have owned the Alicona system.” 

Before the use of Alicona, Makino was unable to confidently validate and promote the capabilities of its ultra-precision machine platforms. Today, measurements with Focus-Variation have become an integral part of machining process optimization and surface characterization. “Alicona is a much more flexible technology than any other measurement system we have ever used or evaluated”, Makino says.


Higher surface finish at lower costs

Makino is a world leader in EDM technology, providing faster processing times and superior surface finishes for even the most complex and involved part geometries. Surface characterization by Alicona enables Makino to sufficiently understand and improve their technologies, and, even more important, confidently validate and promote the capabilities of ultra-precision machine platforms. Today, Makino performs traceable measurements and operates with a measurement technique that allows to measure roughness and form also on highly irregular surfaces of micro scale parts. 



Surface roughness and flatness

Makino measures surface roughness and form of machined components. Requirements change from part to part. Typically, components include steep flanks and high aspect ratio. Measurements are fast and provide real time feedback, which enables the adjustment of machining parameters within minutes, significantly compressing overall process development lead times. In addition to surface roughness and form, measurements include edge measurement, comparison to CAD data, volume analysis and difference measurements.

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