Reach the next level of tool performanceApplications of optical 3D metrology in the die and mold making industry

Determining the ideal tool & machining parameters for tool and mold making

When machining molds and dies, you are often faced with the challenge of measuring compontents with steep flanks, highly polished surfaces and various reflective properties? Only components that are outstanding in terms of material, surface quality and accuracy can produce the complex geometries of microcomponents with consistently high precision.

This is exactly where Bruker Alicona's high-precision, repeatable and traceable measurements come into play: with the optical 3D measurement systems, you identify the full-surface deviation of the measured component/measured points from the CAD data set. In this way, GD&T features can be minimized in the manufacturing process and your production processes can be optimized. In addition to dimensional accuracy, you can also determine the surface quality by means of roughness measurement of different component types, shapes and sizes.

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Use optical 3D metrology to increase the quality of your workpieces

See here the range of measurement applications offered by Bruker Alicona 3D measurement systems:

  • GD&T features of complex free-form surfaces
  • Full-surface form deviation from the CAD data set
  • Roughness measurement of different part types, shapes and sizes.

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