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Quality control of electronic components with highest precision

As a manufacturer of electronic components such as plugs, sensors and printed circuit boards, you have to deliver the best quality for production while relying on high measurement accuracy and a significant reduction in the reject rates of your components. Are you confronted with components with different surfaces, complex geometries and tight tolerances even in the single-digit µm range?

Optical 3D measurement solutions from Bruker Alicona help you meet these challenges. Our measurement systems are perfectly suited to ensure the safety, quality and longevity of electronic components: Measure GD&T features of micro-geometries, as well as areal roughness to hard-to-reach surfaces traceably, repeatably and with high resolution, even under production conditions.

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Our applications for electronics

Here you can see for which applications Bruker Alicona optical 3D metrology is used:

  • GD&T measurements
  • Analysis of laser treatments
  • Grinding grain analysis
  • Hole measurement (form & position)
  • Surface roughness measurement

The range of applications is growing. If you have a measuring task, please contact us.
Together we will find a solution that meets your requirements.


Electronical plugs


Circuit board


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Our product highlights for the electronic industry

Lecture: Evaluating press-fit zones with optical metrology



For quality assurance of press-fit-zones, it is important that complex geometric features such as edge radii, enveloping circles at specific positions or transitions such as that from the press-fit zone to the press-fit zone tip are checked. In this lecture, you will learn from Frank Uibel, long-time expert and management consultant in press-fit and stamping technology, which requirements are placed on a measuring system.

The lecture is in German with English subtitles.