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Non-contact Measurement: Coordinate & optical 3D Metrology

Are you looking for a non-contact measurement solution to measure shape and roughness with one sensor, to laterally probe your components and thus also measure vertical flanks of more than 90°? Moreover you are aiming for faster, automated, repeatable and traceable measurements of your individual component? Then you have come to the right place. Our non-contact measuring devices combine the advantages of classical coordinate metrology with those of surface metrology and are used in all areas of precision manufacturing.

Advantages of non-contact optical 3D metrology

  • Dimension, position, shape and roughness with just one optical sensor
  • Measurement of vertical surfaces > 90°
  • Fast measurement of critical components
  • Small radii and angles also at large measuring volumes
  • Steep flanks & components with varying reflective properties (polished, shiny surfaces)
  • Components with different surface finish or coating
  • Profile based and area based surface roughness parameters
  • Easy-to-use software, fast processing and accurate measurements
  • Full form measurement

Why non-contact Measurement?

The advantages of non-contact measurement are obvious: While probes that travel over the surface can leave damage, the components measured without contact remain completely undamaged. Tactile roughness measurement systems experience limitations with particularly narrow valleys due to the diameter of the probe. Non-contact measuring devices, on the other hand, can accurately represent even the finest depths on the surface. Also, areal measurements with reasonable time and money resources are only possible with non-contact. The following Bruker Alicona technologies make non-contact form and roughness measurements possible:

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