Optical 3D measuring devicesBruker Alicona's product range

Optical 3D measuring systems & devices for quality control on the shop floor

As a manufacturer of industrial metrology, we offer a broad portfolio of optical measuring devices to support companies in various industries with precise quality assurance in production. Based on Focus Variation technology, our measuring systems not only enable roughness measurement, but also the detection of micro-geometries, shapes and structures. 

Versatile areas of application in production metrology

Our product range includes:

  • Optical coordinate measuring machines
  • Optical 3D measuring systems
  • Portable/mobile measuring devices
  • Optical profilometers
  • Robot-assisted measurement solutions

These measuring devices enable high-precision measurements both in production and in the measuring room.

Discover our optical measuring systems for production

Immerse yourself in the world of optical metrology and discover how our optical measuring devices help to achieve the highest quality standards in production. Contact us for an individual consultation and find out which optical 3D measuring solution is best suited to your application!

Automated measuring solutions for the highest demands in industrial metrology

Traceable and repeatable 3D measurements play a crucial role in industrial production. Our automated measurement solutions ensure process reliability and standardization to meet the high demands of industrial metrology. Precise measurements enable thorough analysis and optimization of processes, leading to more efficient production and higher product quality.

Optical 3D measuring systems enable:

  • Measurement of dimension, position, shape and roughness with one optical sensor
  • Simple operation and one-button solutions
  • Non-contact, non-destructive measurements
  • High-precision measurement results
  • Smooth use in production environments

We can measure any number of surfaces and surface features in just one measurement process. This not only makes the measurement very precise compared to our previously used measuring device, but also very economical due to the short measuring time.

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