Real3DFull form measurement

What is Real3D technology?

Real3D technology offers 

  • complete geometry measurements of complex component geometries,
  • analysis of even complex profiles and the measurement of flat and curved components and
  • verification of form deviations

By creating a digital twin of the component, target-actual comparisons to CAD data are possible.

How does Real3D work?

The component is measured at various rotation and tilt angles. Based on the registered true color information of each measurement point, the single measurements are transformed into a joint coordinate system. The single overlapping measurements are then precisely merged into a complete 3D data set.

Full form measurement with Real3D

Various types of full form measurement with Real3D

Real3D enables measurements of form and roughness from numerous perspectives. These single measurements are then automatically merged into a full 3D data set. As a result, users obtain a visualization of the component from different angles as well as measurements of contour, difference and form. Thanks to high-precision and calibrated rotation and tilt axes, measurements are repeatable and traceable too.