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Form and roughness measurement with one system
Webinar | Form & Roughness

In this webinar you will learn more about current applications in selected key markets such as medical technology, tooling and aerospace.
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Bruker Alicona FOCUSVariation Magazine 2020
New FOCUSvariation magazine

In the 9th issue of our magazine, we take a look at current topics that move the industry from our perspective and present solutions that we offer.
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Dimensional metrology & surface roughness measurement

Based on the technology of Focus-Variation, Bruker Alicona measuring systems close the gap between classical dimensional metrology and surface roughness measurement. The core competence is the measurement of dimension, position, shape and roughness of complex components of different shapes, sizes and materials. Optical 3D metrology is used in all areas of production measurement technology and production automation, prototype development as well as traditional quality assurance. Users can measure GD&T features and roughness parameters robustly, accurately, traceably and in high repeatability by using only one optical sensor. The product range includes high-resolution optical measurement solutions for the laboratory as well as during production. International leading companies benefit from Bruker Alicona optical 3D measurement systems wherever components need to be measured fast, precisely and reliably.