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Bruker Alicona stands for agile development, high technological competence and constantly driven innovation. That’s why our optical 3D measurement solutions will support you in your Research & Development tasks in, e.g., Industry 4.0 or Additive Manufacturing.

Want some examples? Bruker Alicona systems can help you to optimize your 3D printing processes while ensuring the high quality of additively manufactured parts. Our instruments are also responding to rapid developments in digitalization or robotics: Benefit from automation solutions, e.g. cutting edge measurements, measurements of GD&T features of complex components, or software packages based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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How Bruker Alicona systems will support you in your research

Applications for Bruker Alicona 3D measurement systems in R&D: 

  • Texture measurements
  • Analysis of porosity throughout volume measurements
  • Automatic measurements to identify form deviations to CAD datasets or reference geometries
  • Optimiziation of finishing processes, e.g. polishing
  • Automation solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence

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Industry 4.0

Additive Manufacturing

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Optical 3D metrology in Resarch & Development 

Our solutions for Research & Development

Lecture: Automatic defect detection & measurement with AI

Machines learn from experience and, as a result, are able to solve the most complex problems. These decisive developments also expand the spectrum of possibilities for manufacturers of measuring equipment. Thomas Lankmair, Head of the Application Competence Center at Bruker Alicona, shows which measurement jobs can be solved based on AI. 

Lecture: The answers of metrology for digitalization & industry 4.0

What impact do  developments like Industry 4.0, digitalization and robotics have on coordinate measuring technology? What will be required of measuring systems to comply with highly connected manufacturing environment in the future? These questions are addressed by Bruker Alicona application experts Kevin Mathy  and Thomas Lankmair.