InfiniteFocus | Dimensional accuracy & surface finish measurement

Dimensional accuracy & surface finish measurement

InfiniteFocusG5 plus

InfiniteFocus is a highly accurate, fast and flexible optical 3D measurement system. With only one sensor, users verify dimensional accuracy and measure surface roughness of their components. Based on the technology of Focus Variation the range of measurable surfaces is almost unlimited. By means of Vertical Focus Probing, which is an extension of Focus-Variation vertical surfaces are probed laterally as well. Components are traceably measured in high accuracy, with a high vertical resolution and in high repeatability. The robust measurement principle of Focus-Variation in combination with a vibration-isolating hardware enables the form and roughness measurement of also large and heavy components. All axes of InfiniteFocus are equipped with highly accurate encoders ensuring precise stage movement. With an automation interface, InfiniteFocus is also applied for fully automatic measurements also in production.

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Technical Specifications

Measurement principle non-contact, optical, three-dimensional, based on Focus-Variation incl. Vertical Focus Probing technology
Positioning volume (X x Y x Z) 200 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm = 4000000 mm3
Objective magnification   2.5x 4x 10x HX 10x 20x HX 20x 50x 100x
Working distance mm 8.8 30 37 17.5 30 19 11 4.5
Lateral measurement range (X,Y)
(X x Y)
Vertical resolution nm 2300 450 250 100 80 50 20 10
Height step accuracy (1 mm) % n.a. 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05
Max. measurable area mm² 40000 40000 40000 40000 24780 24780 3965 990
Min. measurable roughness (Ra) µm 7 1.35 0.75 0.3 0.24 0.15 0.06 0.03
Min. measurable roughness (Sa) µm 3.5 0.675 0.375 0.15 0.12 0.075 0.03 0.015
Min. measurable radius µm 20 12 5 5 3 3 2 1

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High measuring point density

High measuring point density

Up to 500 million measurement points ensure a meticulously detailed measurement with tolerances in the μm and sub-μm range along with large working distance. The high measurement point density of Focus-Variation enables operators to gain a consistently high lateral and vertical resolution across high measurement volumes.

Measurement of flanks with more than 90°

NEW: Measurement of flanks with more than 90°

Vertical Focus Probing is an extension of the Focus-Variation technology and hence a pure optical measurement technology. It allows the measurement of surfaces with slopes of more than 90° and micro holes directly without articulating the sample during the measurement. 

Full form measurement with Real3D

Using Real3D, users measure surfaces from numerous perspectives. Single measurements are automatically merged into a full 3D dataset. High-precision and calibrated rotation and tilt axes ensure automated, repeatable and traceable measurement on the whole measurement object.


Pick & Place with InfiniteFocus

Alicona InfiniteFocus automated metrology

The measurement solution Pick & Place was presented at Advanced Engineering Show 2019 in the UK. Therefore the optical measurement system InfiniteFocus is extended with a collaborative robot to automatically pick, place, measure and sort (OK/ not OK) components in production. Watch the video and have a look at the automated measurement solution.



Focus-Variation Technology

Alicona measurement systems are based on the technology of Focus-Variation and combine the functionalities of a surface roughness measurement device and a form measurement system. Each Alicona measurement instrument is a surface measurement device, surface roughness measurement system, 3D measurement system for geometrical tolerancing and micro coordinate measurement system. The Focus-Variation technology combines the small depth of focus of an optical system with vertical scanning to provide topographical and color information from the variation of focus. The main component of the system is a precision optics containing various lens systems that can be equipped with different objectives, allowing measurements with different resolution.


InfiniteFocus @Institute for Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering

InfiniteFocus in use at Institute for Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering