InfiniteFocus G6Fast measurements for smooth surfaces & offline CAD planning

Optical surface roughness & shape measuring instrument for smooth surfaces

InfiniteFocus G6 is an accurate, fast and universal optical 3D measuring instrument designed for optical surface roughness measurement & shape measurement, particularly for smooth and highly polished surfaces. Operating within the µm and sub-µm range, this device provides precise results regardless of component size, material, geometry, weight, or surface finish, all accomplished with only one optical sensor.

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Highlights of InfiniteFocus G6

What else is possible with InfiniteFocus G6

Technical specifications

Measurement Principle Non-contact, optical, three-dimensional; Technologies: Advanced Focus-Variation, Vertical Focus Probing, Real3D
Positioning volume (X x Y x Z)200 mm x 200 mm x 180 mm = 7 200 000 mm³
Positioning volume (R x T)AdvancedReal3DUnit (optional): Motorized rotation: 360° / Motorized tilt: - 15° to + 90°
Objective name1900 WD30800 WD37 800 WD17400 WD30400 WD19150 WD1180 WD4
Working distancemm303717.53019114.5
Lateral measurement range (X,Y)mm3.
Measurement point distanceµm1.770.720.720.360.360.140.07
Measurement noisenm80401520521
Vertical resolutionnm2501305080301510
Objective name1900 WD30800 WD37 800 WD17400 WD30400 WD19150 WD1180 WD4
Min. measurable roughness (Ra)µmn.a.
Min. measurable roughness (Sa) µmn.a.0.350.
Min. measurable radiusµm12553321

Shape & roughness measurement examples with InfiniteFocus G6

Bone screw measurement
Bone screw measurement with roughness profile

The Real3D technology empowers users to capture comprehensive form/shape measurements of components in a full 360° view. Here, a direct comparison to the respective CAD data set is shown. Plus, measure surface roughness for comprehensive insights.

Measurement of smooth surfaces
Smooth surfaces 

Thanks to Advanced Focus-Variation, users measure workpieces with steep flanks, varying reflections and structured roughness. The technology ensures high-resolution measurements of smooth, reflective and highly polished surfaces.

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Video: Unprecedented measurement speed with InfiniteFocus G6

Videoblog: Focus-Variation & Vertical Focus Probing 

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