3 technologies in 1 sensor: Faster, more intuitive & more accurate with InfiniteFocusG6Webinar

Learn how 3 technologies in only 1 sensor deliver highly accurate results

In this webinar, we will introduce you to the latest generation of our InfiniteFocus measuring systems. InfiniteFocusG6 is an accurate, fast and universal optical 3D measuring instrument for tolerances in the μm and sub-μm range. Regardless of size, material, geometry, weight, and surface finish, components are measured areal based and in high-resolution. The next generation of InfiniteFocus combines several proven features with numerous innovations, uniting the functionalities of a surface roughness measurement device (Ra, Rq, Rz/Sa, Sq, Sz) with the features of a coordinate measuring machine. Users measure form and roughness with only one optical sensor.

In this webinar you learn more about 

  • how 3 technologies - Advanced Focus-Variation, Real3D and Vertical Focus Probing - in only 1 sensor deliver highly accurate results.
  • how features such as high lateral and vertical resolution, high repeatability or areal-based measurements improve the quality and reliability of your measurements.
  • how fast axes, innovative optics with modern algorithms, single-button solutions and automated measurement sequences help you reach a new level of speed, ease of use and efficient workflows.
  • why users are as flexible as possible to measure components regardless of size, material, geometry, weight or surface finish.
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