Software Package
MetMaX 3.0* 
SPRING 2023 Release

Top Feature of MetMaX 3.0 
for InfiniteFocus G6

Shape measurements up to
3 times faster 

Experience a new magnitude in measurement speed with the new MetMaX 3.0 software update. Take your shape measurements with InfiniteFocus G6 to a new level and measure shape/geometry up to 3 times faster than any other Bruker Alicona measuring device!

Benefit from the biggest leap in measurement speed and install your new MetMaX 3.0 software update to your InfiniteFocus G6 right now. Login to your Alicona Family!

*The Software Package MetMaX 3.0 also includes the new software updates

  • LaboratoryMeasurement Module 10.0 (LMM 10.0)
  • EdgeMasterModule 10.0 (EMM 10.0)
  • ServiceSoftware 10.0
  • AutomationManager 2.8 

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More new features of MetMaX 3.0 
for InfiniteFocus G6 & µCMM:

** These functions are beta versions and do not have full functionality yet. Compatibility issues are possible. In later software versions, these functions could become chargeable. Test these features and send your feedback to

New Online Help

In our new Online Help Center you find all the information you need for optimal use of your measurement device: MetMaX software manual, device manuals, and practical application solutions. Detailed instructions and tips ensure successful implementation of specific applications. FAQs provide answers from our Customer Care Team. The Help Center is available in English, German, Italian, French, and Chinese. Go online with your device and press F1 for up-to-date content.

Discover the enhanced Usability of MetMaX 3.0 & LaboratoryMeasurementModule 10.0

With this software update you also benefit from:

  • Automatically move to a clicked position:  
    When working on a CAD, you can automatically move the measuring system to a position by right-clicking on the mouse button and selecting "Move to position".
  • Optimization of tilt angles for accelerated measurement plan:
    Enable this feature and the tilt angles will be rounded to the nearest degree to minimize sphere measurements and speed up your measurement plan processing.
  • Enabled offline objective change during measurement planning:
    You can now also use different objectives for different applications within one plan.
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) makeover for improved visibility and easier handling

Get started with MetMaX 3.0 & LaboratoryMeasurementModule 10.0

Training video

MetMaX 3.0 - What´s new?
Level up your MetMaX experience! In this training video you will get all the the information about the new features of MetMaX 3.0. Discover improved workflows and enhanced features that simplify your measurement tasks. 

Did you know...


Expired support 

With the rollout of MetMaX 3.0 & LaboratoryMeasurementModule 10.0, updates & technical support for MeasureSuite are no longer available. All features are also included in MetMaX 3.0. For further questions contact our Support Team. 

PTB certification

Our algorithms for fitting geometry elements into 3D data have received certification from the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt). This recognition further validates our commitment to delivering precise and reliable solutions in the field of 3D data analysis. 

Get your Software Package MetMaX 3.0

To ensure the compatibility of your measuring device with all software packages, we strongly recommend downloading the following updates in the Alicona Family as well:
MetMaX 3.0 | LaboratoryMeasurementModule 10.0 | EdgeMasterModule 10.0 | ServiceSoftware 10.0 | AutomationManager 2.8

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