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Are lengthy and inaccurate component measurements wearing you out?  Do you dream of inspecting components in real-time and capturing entire surfaces effortlessly, but think that this is totally out of your reach? We'll prove you wrong!

With our brand-new optical measuring device FocusX, you have a highly advanced instrument for all measurement tasks at your disposal. FocusX is the most versatile and fastest measurement system in its class, equipped with all the leading technologies available on the market. And the best part: FocusX comes in an intelligent and affordable package.

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The Highlights of FocusX at a Glance

FocusX is the most versatile measuring device

Easy to use, Innovative, Affordable: FocusX

FocusX is the most versatile and fastest optical measuring device in its class. Equipped with Advanced Focus-Variation technology it combines the functionalities of a roughness measuring machine and a coordinate measuring machine. In other words, one device for all metrology tasks. 

FocusX delivers the highest value on the optical 3D metrology market. The latest addition to the Bruker Alicona metrology family provides outstanding measurement performance in an intelligent and affordable package.

New Software Features for even more User-Friendliness

One Click Roughness

Bruker Alicona focusses on the user-friendliness of the system thanks to the new One Click Roughness software feature. Experience over the last few decades has shown that roughness measurement in particular is perceived by users as complicated and restrictive. And "One Click Roughness" is just as simple as it sounds. With just a single click, FocusX delivers ISO-compliant profile roughness values, with the minimum measurable roughness being 0.06 µm. 

Roughness Measurement with one Click

Automated Roundtool Measurement

Thanks to the new "Round Tool Alignment" software feature, automation in the area of round tools has been raised to a new level. The operator plans the interesting measuring positions for edge rounding directly on the CAD of the milling cutter or drill. After clamping the tool, an automated sensor routine recognizes the orientation of the component and aligns it according to the CAD data. The 3D measurement and evaluation of the edge rounding are then fully automated.

Intelligent Measurement Planning

MetMaX as problem-solving software

Both One Click Roughness and Round Tool Alignment are components of Bruker Alicona's MetMaX software. The operator software sets new standards in usability. Users specify measurements already on the CAD model of a component. A digital twin combined with a virtual measurement simulation enables safe operation of the measuring instrument. Furthermore, MetMaX offers a unique artificial intelligence component for performing sophisticated measurements, e.g. roughness or searching for defects

Intelligent Measurement Planning with MaX

A Wide Range of Applications with FocusX

High-Precision Machined Parts

Have you ever tried to measure the dimension, position, shape, and roughness of a milled and laser-machined component from machine tools like Kern Precision? Learn how the Vertical Focus Probing technology allows to laterally probe the sides of the workpiece, enabling also the measurements of holes and bores with a diameter-to-depth ratio of 1:3 to 1:10.

Curious About More Applications with FocusX? Discover now!

3D data of a high-precision machined part

Experience the Broadest Product Portfolio of Non-Contact Metrology at One Booth

Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine µCMM

The purely optical micro-coordinate measuring machine can measure extremely tight tolerances in high accuracy, combining advantages from both tactile coordinate measuring technology and optical surface metrology. It can also be extended to form a complete Pick & Place solution with a collaborative robotic arm. After the 3D measurement and evaluation, the parts can be automatically sorted into O.K. / not O.K parts.

Pick & Place: Experience the seamless integration of placing, measuring, and sorting of a stamping insert, all accomplished in a single, swift measuring process. 


InfiniteFocus G6 is an accurate, fast and universal optical 3D measuring instrument for tolerances in the µm and sub-µm range. Components are measured area-based and with high resolution independent of size, material, geometry, weight and surface finish. A number of proven and new features combine the functionalities of a roughness measuring system (Ra, Rq, Rz/Sa, Sq, Sz) with the characteristics of a coordinate measuring machine. 

 InfiniteFocusG6: Fast Shape & Roughness Measurement

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