Highly accurate optical µCMM for measurement of micro holesCIRP Paper

Measurement of micro holes with the optical cmm machine

In many applications, highly accurate measurements of small structures are challenging, e.g. the optimization of the hole geometry in fuel injectors. Due to the small size of the structure, tactile approaches are insufficient while standard optical measurement systems cannot provide data on complex geometries. In this paper, a new purely optical 3D micro-coordinate machine – the Bruker Alicona µCMM – is presented, including its accuracy when determining the maximum permissible translatory and stationary error. Moreover, it is demonstrated that the Focus-Variation principle allows for 3D measurements of small components by presenting  measurements and evaluation of micro injection holes. 

Authors: Zangl, Kerstin; Danzl, Reinhard; Helmli, Franz; Prantl, Manfred. (2018). Highly accurate optical µCMM for measurement of micro holes. Procedia CIRP. 75. 397-402. 10.1016/j.procir.2018.05.098.  

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3D dataset of micro injection holes

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