Higher efficiency & function prediction in micro gearingLecture

Higher efficiency & function prediction in micro gearing

Key functions of complex products can often only be realised by using high-precision components. The production of micro-components close to the technological limits, which often have tolerances of only a few μm, represents a major challenge for manufacturing. The wbk Institute of Production Science at KIT is researching approaches of function-oriented quality assurance of micro gears. The vision is to implement intelligent quality control loops by integrating in-line measurement technology into production systems, which will improve product quality as well as increase efficiency in production. The combination of measurement data with artificial intelligence is intended to optimise not only the quality of the manufactured gears, but also the functional behaviour of the end product. Based on the functional predictions, strategies for adaptive manufacturing and intelligent assembly of micro-gears are to be developed. The optical micro-coordinate measuring machine µCMM is used for in-line metrological acquisition during micro-gear production.

Speaker: Vivian Schiller | Research Associate, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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