Automatic defect detection & measurement with AILecture

Automatic defect detection & measurement with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has already found its way into many areas of our everyday life. Common devices such as our smart phones have capabilities that were only dreamed of a few years ago. Machines learn from experience and as a result can solve the most complex problems. This is primarily made possible by new types of algorithms, improved computing power and a large amount of collected data. These decisive developments also expand the spectrum of possibilities for manufacturers of measuring equipment. At Bruker Alicona, we use AI in algorithms for measuring high-resolution 3D optical data, and for automatic evaluation of this same 3D dataset. In this session, Thomas Lankmair, Head of Application Competence Center (ACC) at Bruker Alicona, will show which measurement jobs can be solved based on AI. He will present applications that would have been difficult or impossible to solve using conventional methods. These also include an AI-based solution for automatic defect detection and measurement. We will also show you how you will be able to soon integrate AI into your measurement technology independently. 

Speaker: Thomas Lankmair | Head of Application Competence Center (ACC) at Bruker Alicona

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