IF-ProfilerOptical profilometer for roughness measurement

Optical profilometer for profile based and areal based roughness measurements

The IF-Profiler is a handheld 3D roughness measurement system for high resolution measurement of surface finish. Users measure roughness of flat and curved components with only one system. Measurements are performed both profile based (ISO 4287) and areal based (ISO 25178). 

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Technical specifications

Measurement principle non-contact, optical, three-dimensional, based on Focus-Variation
Positioning volume (Z)25 mm (Mot.)
Objective magnificationx10x20x50
Working distancemm 17.51610.1
Lateral measurement range (X,Y)mm210.4
(X x Y)mm²410.16
Vertical resolutionnm1005020
Min. measurable roughness (Ra)µm0.30.240.18
Min. measurable roughness (Sa)µm0.150.120.9

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