The 3 Trends in Production Metrology you must not missExpert Talk

The 3 Trends in Production Metrology you must not miss

The next 5 years are critical in quality control. Those who do not focus on quality will no longer be competitive. At Bruker Alicona, we help you identify the trends, hurdles and potentials in the future of quality assurance.

Are you curious about the evolving landscape of Production Metrology? 
Do you want to stay ahead in quality assurance, armed with the latest trends and insights? 
The increasing importance of quality management is giving rise to new developments and trends. But which ones are truly valuable, and which ones can you do without?

Watch the recording of Bruker Aliconas first Expert Talk "The 3 Trends in Production Metrology you must not miss" with Application Expert Benjamin Anger & Marketing Director Florian Schwimmer and learn more about:

  • Unprecedented Speed & Empowerment by AI
  • How to Use Digital Twins to increase Manufacturing Intelligence
  • The new Standard of Probing is optical

The Expert Talk recording is in English. You can choose German, Italian or French subtitles in the YouTube settings.

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