Measurement on the shop floor: 
fast and contactless

The essential role of optical metrology in modern production

In this webinar, we will show you how you can use optical 3D metrology to verify and ensure the dimensional accuracy of components in production. Typically, optical and/or tactile measuring systems are used in the production line, set up in a connected measuring room, or outsourced to an external measurement service provider. Whatever the particular setup of production measurement technology, its task is always the same – to verify the dimensional accuracy of components and ensure they are of the required quality. In addition, production measurement technology often reduces setup times for personnel, thereby increasing process reliability in time.

In this webinar you learn more about

  • how selected customers such as Stepper, Element Six, Festo, Vitesco, Miltera and many more use Bruker Alicona optical measurement systems on the shop floor
  • how these important requirements of production measurement technology should be taken in account when choosing a measuring instrument:
    • measuring instrument capability
    • long-term stability, usability
    • cost efficiency
    • speed flexibility
    • future-proof technology
  • current challenges & requirements for production and how optical metrology supports
  • how the optical µCMM Pick&Place is used in production at one of the German technology leaders in high-performance stamping technology (Expert interview)
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