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Explore the Brand New Measuring Device FocusX

Watch the recording of the unveiling of Bruker Alicona's latest product innovation FocusX and learn why it is the most versatile and fastest optical 3D measuring device in its class.

"One size fits all" sounds like a bad deal in most industries. But not in metrology. Imagine a system that solves all your measuring tasks - a system that measures dimension, position, shape, and roughness with one optical sensor. FocusX is the most versatile device in its category, not only regarding different tasks but also concerning industries. Medical technology, aerospace, automotive, micro, and precision manufacturing or cutting tools are but a few industries with metrology requirements FocusX is perfectly equipped for.

What else you can expect... 

  • 6 Reasons why to choose FocusX:
    • One Device, Limitless Applications
    • One Click Roughness
    • Speed in Focus
    • See every detail. Measure every detail.
    • The Answer to Miniaturization
    • Unmatched Value
  • 3 Applications with FocusX:
    • Non Contact Probing of a Knee Implant
    • Proving Precision of Machined Components
    • Access all Areas of an Electric Connector
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