Bipolar Plates for Fuel CellsMeasurement Report

Surface Analysis of Bipolar Plates with the Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine

Discover our measurement report on the surface analysis of the Flowfields of bipolar plates. The function of Flowfields is to guide oxygen (O2), hydrogen (H2), and water (H2O) through the two plates of the bipolar plate - Anode and Cathode. To ensure the functionality and quality of the Flowfields, various measurements must be performed at predefined positions. With the optical coordinate measuring machine µCMM and the MetMaX software, you gain comprehensive insights into the critical Flowfield. This includes measuring and evaluating the surface profile, line profile, true position, as well as the height, angle, and radii of contour.

Gain a competitive edge in emission-free hydrogen mobility! Download our measurement report now to discover how optical 3D coordinate measuring technology ensures top quality of bipolar plates while reducing production costs.

3D Data of Flowfields

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