Smoothing, rounding, deburring – how metrology increases efficiencyLecture

Smoothing, rounding, deburring – how metrology increases efficiency

Some things do not change, even with continuous technology advances. In the past and today, machine tool manufacturers must produce components with perfect surface quality and ensure the process reliability of their production strategy. Innovative technologies have always made a decisive contribution to competitive advantage. Soran Jota from OTEC Präzisionsfinish management has been using Bruker Alicona's Focus Variation for a decade. He reports first-hand how the reliability of his processing machines as well as the quality of drill components, milling cutters and gear parts could be optimized using this measurement technology. With the launch of a new mass finishing machine, OTEC is currently preparing the next step in its quality assurance strategy by measuring in the machine. Soran Jota talks to Bruker Alicona Sales Manager Urban Muraus about how this is intended to work in production.

Speaker: Soran Jota | Managing Director, Otec Präzisionsfinish

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