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Optimization of manufacturing processes through optical metrology

Machines networking is one of the major topics at the Institute for Machine Tools at the University of Stuttgart (Germany). Research is dedicated to machines networking and technologies to implement self-optimizing production manufacturing strategy. One focus of its research activities is process control of e.g., additive-subtractive process chains with automated measurement technology. An example where this is successfully applied is wear analysis. Prof. Christian Möhring describes which methods are used in milling technology to understand, for example, wear mechanisms as well as the correlation between the workpiece surface machining and surface condition. This discussion with Bruker Alicona Managing Director Christian Janko also focuses on the role of metrology in various manufacturing processes. It addresses particularly the production of functionally relevant surface structures, a clear trend that will increase the importance of sensor technology in metrology. 

Speaker: Prof. Christian Möhring | Institute for Machine Tools (IfW), University of Stuttgart

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