New measurement methods make new manufacturing technologies measurableLecture

New measurement methods make new manufacturing technologies measurable

Development and optimization of new technologies for production of components with tolerances in the single-digit µm range is one of the core activities of MIFHySTO, a facility at FEMTO-ST research institute in Besançon, France. Michael Fontaine´s research deals, amongst other projects, with the question on how to increase machining accuracy of micromachining machines. Industrial partners are often very good at producing parts but are facing challenges in terms of controlling them. In this interview with Anne Calvez from the French Bruker Alicona team, Michael will present how optical metrology can particularly help to optimize micro EDM, turning and milling manufacturing processes through 3D metrology learnings on machined surfaces and tools. Applications presented include wear analysis, GD&T measurements and surface roughness measurement of tools and micro precision parts. In addition, new fields of use such as measurement of nano textures on steel, carbide or coating is presented. Also under discussion is why established measurement methods available in his lab are no longer sufficient for some applications and what new technologies are needed to make new production technology possibilities measurable. 

Speaker: Michaël Fontaine | Assistant Professor ENSMM

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