Humans, robots and measurement technology: Cobots!Lecture

Humans, robots and measurement technology: Cobots!

It's hard to imagine industrial manufacturing without cobots from Universal Robots (UR). Almost everywhere you look, you see collaborative robotic arms in a wide variety of designs for every conceivable application, from machine loading, welding, gluing, palletizing - to name just a few of the most common applications. UR Business Development Manager David Scherrer will present what has made UR a market leader for cobots since its foundation in 2005 and the philosophy behind the successful product. Furthermore, OEM cooperation with Bruker Alicona will be in focus: What makes the combination of UR robots with Bruker Alicona's high-resolution optical 3D measurement sensors so unique? Examples from practice illustrate the high compatibility of the two manufacturers and illustrate the advantages for users in automation. 

Speaker: David Scherrer | Business Development Manager, Universal Robots

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