Evaluating press-fit zones with optical metrologyLecture

Evaluating press-fit zones with optical metrology

All press-fit zones available on the market have one thing in common: The geometry is a decisive factor for a secure, stable, gas-tight and well-conducting connection. In terms of measurement, this means that complex geometric features such as edge radii, enveloping circles at certain positions, or transitions such as that from the press-fit zone to the press-fit zone tip must be tested. Frank Uibel, a long-time expert and business consultant in press-fit and stamping technology, talks with Bruker Alicona Sales Manager Urban Muraus about what is important in a measuring system and, above all, about requirements for precision, measuring speed and user-friendliness. 

Session Language GER 

Speaker: Frank Uibel | Managing Director, Uibel Consulting

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