Let's talk about accuracy! 

Why µCMM is the most accurate optical coordinate measuring machine


Welcome to our Webinar: Let´s talk about accuracy!

µCMM will soon celebrate its third birthday. With the launch of the first purely optical micro-coordinate measuring machine, the current metrology market has changed significantly. Engineers, production managers, quality managers, etc. now have a non-contact measurement system available that can be applied where established tactile and optical methods are no longer sufficient. This particularly comes into play when you need to deal with modern, complex micro precision components. In this webinar, we explain why there is no other optical coordinate machine on the market that provides a comparably high accuracy when measuring those parts.

Alicona CMM drill measurement

μCMM offers high accuracy of several optical 3D measurements to each other. A 3D measurement is only done at the relevant measuring positions and thus in a very short time. Due to the high accuracy of the axis systems, these individual measurements can be precisely set in relation to each other within the entire measurement volume.

After these 40 minutes you will know

  • why the length measurement deviation of the µCMM remains below E = (0.8 +L/600) µm in the entire measurement volume of 310x310x310mm and what role calibration and adjustment play in this process
  • which standards exist for verifying the length measurement and overall performance of a coordinate measuring machine (i.e. ISO 103060-2, VDI/VDE 2617, ISO 1101) and how you can benefit from them
  • how to determine the measurement process capability and thus determine whether µCMM is suitable for your measuring task

Meet the Presenters


Urban Muraus Sales Director

Urban Muraus
Sales Director

Franz Helmli R&D Director

Franz Helmli
R&D Director

Arno Zaworka Head of Operations

Arno Zaworka
Operations Director

Kunal Gokhale, Sr. Applications Engineer

Kunal Gokhale
Sr. Applications Engineer

The optical µCMM

Measure dimension, position, shape and roughness with only one sensor.

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