Bruker Alicona and Nagel - Closed Loop for Cutting Edge Preparation

GrindingHub 2024 presents NaPrep - the robot cell for edge rounding
出版 日 19.04.2024

For the first time, Bruker Alicona will be exhibiting alongside Nagel Maschinen- und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH at GrindingHub 2024. The reason: Bruker Alicona's EdgeMaster technology is an important component of Nagel’s NaPrep automation cell. This enables the closed loop for cutting edge preparation.

NaPrep - a single manless cell for selective and defined cutting edge rounding

GrindingHub 2024: May 14 - 17, 24

Messe Stuttgart 

Booth D 20/ Hall 8

NaPrep is the production industry's answer to the skilled labor shortage and the need for automation. The robot-based process control supports manless shift operation. Automatic wear compensation is also possible. Optical sensors are used for component detection and edge orientation. Simple set-up and teaching methods and intuitive operation help to quickly integrate NaPrep into production. The on-board quality assurance by Bruker Alicona enables an automatic process correction, a closed loop.

manless cell for selective and defined cutting edge rounding
integrated measurement technology by Bruker Alicona
automated cell for edge rounding

In addition to NaPrep, Bruker Alicona will also be presenting its own product range at GrindingHub 2024, such as the new FocusX and the "Round Tool Alignment" automation software. Find out what you can expect at GrindingHub in the press release below.