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Bruker Alicona Industrial Metrology Solutions

Bruker Alicona is an international supplier of state-of-the-art optical and industrial metrology, with a focus on production measurement technology. The company's optical measurement solutions ensure the quality assurance of complex components in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical technology. Bruker Alicona's measuring devices enable high-precision and non-contact 3D measurements of surfaces. Users can measure both GD&T features as well as roughness parameters with just one optical sensor. 

Optical Industrial Measuring Devices

Benefit from the accuracy and versatility of Bruker Alicona's optical industrial measuring devices. They are crucial for ensuring the quality and precision of components in the manufacturing industry. Bruker Alicona provides cutting-edge measuring solutions and significant value for your industrial quality assurance, aligned with Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing principles. 


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Advanced Measuring Solutions for Industrial Quality Assurance

Our commitment to the advancement of manufacturing metrology means that we deliver innovative solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing processes. Experience more efficient production, reduced scrap rates and optimized processes that strengthen your competitiveness. We offer you the right products and services for your industrial quality assurance. Discover the the optical coordinate measuring machine µCMM, which is designed to provide high-precision, non-contact measurements of complex surfaces in production environments.

Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for Quality Control in Manufacturing

The optical coordinate measuring machine µCMM combines the advantages of tactile coordinate measuring technology and non-contact surface metrology, making it the perfect tool for your quality control:

  • Measurement of dimension, position, shape & roughness in one system
  • High accuracy over the entire measuring volume
  • Non-contact, optical measurement with Focus Variation technology
  • Suitable for matt to highly polished components
  • Seamless integration into automated manufacturing processes
  • Simple operation, One-Button Solution
  • Wear-free, robust, suitable for quality control in production
Optical CMM machine

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3 Reasons why to choose Bruker Alicona Optical Industrial Metrology Solutions

  • Seamless Integration: Our optical industrial metrology solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing production systems, creating a closed loop for optimal efficiency.
  • User-Friendly Automation: Say goodbye to the complexities of metrology. Our fully automated systems are designed for easy operation by any worker, without the need for specialized metrology knowledge.
  • Real-time Data for Decision-Making: Stay ahead in the competitive manufacturing landscape with real-time data on your production process. Prevent the production of faulty products at an early stage, ensuring consistent quality.

Optical 3D Metrology for Your Quality Assurance in Production

Discover the wide range of applications for our optical 3D measurement technology for your quality assurance in production. From precision manufacturing to aerospace and medical technology, discover the versatility of our cutting-edge optical 3D metrology. Elevate your operations with optical 3D measurements.

Elevate the Quality Control of Your Components Now

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Optical 3D Metrology Equipment for Manufacturers

Discover our measurement devices at a glance: Here you will find a comprehensive overview of optical 3D metrology equipment for manufacturing excellence.

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