Faster shape measurements with MetMaX 3.0


Publié in Actualités le 03.07.2023

In the ever-evolving world of metrology, Bruker Alicona is once again setting new standards with the release of the new MetMaX 3.0 software update - for the InfiniteFocus G6 and µCMM measurement systems. Packed with cutting-edge features, this update promises to revolutionize the way users measure shape and geometry with the InfiniteFocus G6. With up to a 3-fold increase in measurement speed, automatic geometry adjustment, improved ease of use and many other new features, MetMaX 3.0 is changing the way you measure. Discover the new features:

Shape measurements up to 3 times faster with MetMaX 3.0

The outstanding feature of MetMaX 3.0 is the ability to perform shape measurements up to three times faster than any other Bruker Alicona measuring instrument. With this update, InfiniteFocus G6 delivers unprecedentedly fast results that will undoubtedly increase productivity. 

Automatic geometry fitting for Focus Probing

In addition to measuring contours, users can now automatically measure lines, circles, circle geometries, and determine distance values. This new functionality opens up a world of possibilities, allowing for more comprehensive and accurate measurements with minimal effort. 

Measurement of lines, circles, circle geometries; determine distance values

PMI Roughness now with automatic or user-defined alignment

Users have the flexibility to choose between standard, rotated, user-defined, and the new automatic alignment. The automatic alignment takes the guesswork out of profile alignment by searching for the correct alignment without requiring any user intervention. This streamlines the measurement process and ensures consistent and reliable results.

Standard, rotated, user-defined and automatic alignment

New Online Help

Bruker Alicona understands the importance of comprehensive support and guidance in the use of their measuring instruments. That's why, with the release of MetMaX 3.0, Bruker Alicona introduces the new Online Help, a one-stop shop for all the information users need to maximize the potential of their instrument. From the MetMaX 3.0 software manual to instrument guides and practical application solutions, the Online Help provides everything users need. With detailed instructions, tips and frequently asked questions answered by the customer care team, any measurement challenge can be confidently overcome. The Online Help is available in 5 languages, including English, German, Italian, French and Chinese, making it accessible to users from all over the world.

Usability enhancements 

But that's not all—MetMaX 3.0 brings a host of usability enhancements that aim to streamline workflows and make operators lifes easier.

  • Automatically move the measuring system to a clicked position when working on a CAD. 
  • Optimization of tilt angles for accelerated measurement plan
  • Offline objective change during measurement planning
  • Makeover of the graphical user interface (GUI) of MetMaX 3.0 


The release of MetMaX 3.0 for InfiniteFocus G6 and µCMM marks a significant milestone for Bruker Alicona and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of metrology software. Packed with groundbreaking features, the MetMaX 3.0 software update promises to revolutionize the way users measure shapes and geometries, delivering unprecedented speed, efficiency and ease of use. A host of features round out the MetMaX 3.0 software package, including automatic geometry fitting and PMI roughness with automatic or user-defined alignment. MetMaX 3.0 takes measurements to the next level!

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