Changement de direction du directeur général chez Bruker Alicona


Publié in Actualités le 30.05.2023

Change in General Manager Leadership at Bruker Alicona

Bruker Alicona, a leading provider of advanced production metrology solutions, announces a change in leadership. Urban Muraus, formerly the head of the global sales team at Bruker Alicona, has taken on the role of General Manager. With an impressive tenure of over 10 years at the company, Mr. Muraus brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of Bruker Alicona's mission and industry. This change in leadership promises new growth opportunities and innovative approaches as Bruker Alicona continues to solidify its position as a leader in the production metrology industry.

A Leader with a Proven Track Record

Having witnessed the incredible dedication and talent of the team firsthand, Urban Muraus is thrilled to assume the position of General Manager at Bruker Alicona. He recognizes the transformative impact that the company's advanced production metrology solutions have had on their customers' operations. Drawing from his experience, Mr. Muraus is committed to building upon the strong foundation of the company, driving innovation, and providing even greater value to customers worldwide. His passion for inspiring people for quality aligns perfectly with Bruker Alicona's mission.


Strengthening the Position of Bruker Alicona

Under the leadership of Urban Muraus, Bruker Alicona aims to further solidify its position as a leader in the production metrology industry. The company remains dedicated to offering cutting-edge solutions that empower manufacturers to optimize their processes, enhance product quality, and achieve operational excellence. With his strategic vision and expertise, Urban Muraus is well-equipped to guide the company towards new heights.


Farewell and Appreciation to Christian Janko

As Bruker Alicona embraces an exciting future under Urban Muraus' leadership, the company takes a moment to express its gratitude to Christian Janko, the former General Manager. Mr. Janko's significant contributions have played a vital role in the growth and success of Bruker Alicona. He looks back with pride on the accomplishments achieved as a team and expresses confidence in Urban Muraus' ability to lead the company forward.



Bruker Alicona enters an exciting new chapter with Urban Muraus as the General Manager. With his wealth of experience and deep understanding of the industry, the company is poised for growth and innovation. Manufacturers can expect Bruker Alicona to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions that optimize processes, enhance product quality, and inspire a commitment to quality worldwide. The future looks promising as Bruker Alicona sets its sights on new achievements and reaches new milestones under the guidance of Urban Muraus.

Urban Muraus, Directeur général Alicona

Urban Muraus 
General Manager Bruker Alicona

Download: General Manager Urban Muraus, (c) Bruker Alicona

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