Bruker Alicona au salon Control 2024

Métrologie optique pour tous les budgets et tous les niveaux d'expertise

Publié le 14.03.2024

Control 2024, the international trade fair for quality assurance, will take place in Stuttgart from April 23 to 26. Bruker Alicona will be presenting some great innovations. In addition to the very first international appearance of the all new FocusX, everything revolves around the simplification of complex measurement tasks.

FocusX - optical 3D measurement technology for smaller budgets

Launched in January 2024, the FocusX has a lot to offer. Click here for the product page of the new measuring device and here for the press release. At Control, everything revolves around two very special features of the system: the unbeatable price in relation to the technology is currently unmatched on the market and is revolutionizing the range of optical measurement technology. Smaller companies or companies with a low budget for quality assurance often believe that optical metrology is out of their reach and settle for inadequate measurement methods. The Bruker Alicona developers have succeeded in positioning the FocusX in a price class in which no other measuring device with similar precision features can compete. The proof can be seen directly at Control.

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FocusX with knee implant

Finally at ease with roughness measurement

FocusX has another ace up its sleeve that will be celebrating its big stage debut at the Stuttgart trade fair: One Click Roughness. With just a single click, the user can perform an ISO-compliant roughness measurement. No expert knowledge is required.

More simplicity, more automation

The trend in measurement technology is increasingly moving towards automation. A new software feature specifically for measurements on round tools not only relieves measurement technicians of work, but also automates edge rounding measurements. This Round Tool Alignment will also be presented to the Control audience. 

Find out what else Bruker Alicona will be showing at Control 2024 in the press release below.