WestecNovember 7 - 9, 2023 | Long Beach, CA
Booth #1731

Experience new trends in Production Metrology at Westec 2023

Visit Bruker Alicona at the upcoming Westec from 7 to 9 November in Long Beach (CA) and don´t miss the latest solutions in production metrology. Discover the future of precision metrology for applications in aerospace, automotive, medical, mold & die, electronics and more. As pioneers in optical 3D metrology, we craft tailored solutions for your industry. Elevate your production quality control - Secure your spot now! We're thrilled to connect with you!

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Step into the future of measurement: Experience lightning-fast measurements with InfiniteFocus G6

Say goodbye to outdated stylus-based probing methods, the future has arrived!
Discover lightning-fast measurements with InfiniteFocus G6 that will transform the way you work.

Revolutionize your quality control: Measure dimensional accuracy & surface roughness in one system

In today's manufacturing processes, achieving precise and high-quality results is paramount, especially when it comes to precision dies such as punches, stamping and bending dies. Are you also confronted with complex geometries with steep flanks and very smooth surfaces? Discover how to measure dimensional accuracy and surface roughness in one system with the optical µCMM.

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Shape measurements up to
3 times faster with Focus Probing

Focus Probing technology revolutionizes the measurement of 3D points and contours by providing very fast single point measurements without vertical scanning. It enables the precise measurement of contours at a single position. With Focus Probing the measurement of shape and geometry of your parts works up to three times faster!

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MetMaX: Elevate your measurement planning with intelligent operator software

The MetMaX operator software sets new standards in usability. Users specify measurements already on the CAD model of a component. A Digital Twin combined with a virtual measurement simulation enables safe operation of the measuring instrument.

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November 9 - 7, 2023 | Long Beach, CA
 Booth 1731

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