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The new measuring device from Bruker Alicona fills a gap in the market and everyone benefits from it

Pubblicato il 30.01.2024

January 29, 2024 was a special day! After two years of development, 2,600 screws processed in 13 prototypes and over 400 team meetings, the time had come: Bruker Alicona presented its new FocusX measuring device. And it did so with an exciting event in Graz under the title "The Live Experience".

FocusX was presented not only to Bruker Alicona employees, but also to existing customers, the press and other invited guests. In addition to a stage-ready release presentation of the most important features, there was a hands-on area to show what the device is capable of displaying three applications.

"The Live Experience" was the first event of its kind for Bruker Alicona. In the press release below you will find all the important information about the development of the device, the gap in the market that FocusX will close and why Bruker Alicona speaks of an unbeatable package in quality assurance.

Measurement report about precision dies
Do you want to find out how FocusX can allay your quality concerns?

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6 Reasons for FocusX

One Device, limitless Applications

See every Detail. Measure every Detail.

One Click Roughness

The Answer to Miniaturization

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