Notes d'application

Our Application Notes contain additional descriptions of measurement tasks and user case stories from different industries.

Gear shaft measurement

Internal measurement of cooling holes in turbine and compressor Blades
Gear flank measurement for gear noise reduction - Honda
In production measurement of micro geometry on cutting tools - IMCO
Measurement of hole delamination within CFRP/metallic stacks - AMRC
Measurement of Valves and Valve Seats
Measurement of Micro Burrs around drilled holes 
Micro Gear Measurement 


3D Optical Measurement of Automotive Parts 
Measurement solution for materials research - University Tampere
In production measurement of pharmaceutical packaging - Uhlmann
Integrated circuit surface measurement of etched characters and warpage
Measurement of Cannulae and Injection Needles using Focus Variation 
Measurement of Cardiac Components
Measurement of Corrosion

Measurement of external and internal splines
Gold Stub Bump measurement
Measurement of Micro Channels
Measurement of Micro Switches
Measurement of Pharmaceutical Tablets
Measurement of Surface Coatings
Measurement of tooling edges on rotary embossing, folding and cutting dies 
Measurement of Turbine Blades

Optimizing surface parameters on gear flanks