Webinar with OSG: "Controlling Tool Quality on the Shop Floor"


In cooperation with OSG, one of the world's leading manufacturers of shank tools, we invite you to join our upcoming webinar. In a live conversation with Magnus Hoyer from OSG Germany, you will learn more about the measurement and quality assurance of drills, cutters and threading tools. You will also gain insight into new solutions for measurement automation that enable you to integrate measuring processes into existing ERP and quality management systems.


Learn more about

Optical 3D measurement at OSG
Automatic tool edge measurement, Round tool geometry and roughness

New Alicona measurement solutions
Data exchange with ERP/QM systems, Shop floor automation

in media partnership with SME

Download the measurement report

Learn how international tool manufacturer OSG uses Alicona metrology to ensure high quality tool performance. See more about optical measurement of edge radii of all four cutting edges at defined positions relative to the tip, profile roughness along one of the edges to identify chipping and surface roughness inside the flute.