Optimize your turbines by optically measuring break edges and defects

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Bruker Alicona offers complete solutions for the measurement of turbines in the aerospace industry based on Focus-Variation and automation options for production metrology.

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The use of these optical measurement solutions contributes to meeting the high safety requirements of the industry and the increasing quality demands in precision manufacturing. This live webinar will show you the possibilities offered by the optical coordinate measuring systems µCMM and Cobot!

In this webinar you can learn more about optimizing your turbines by optical 3D measurement. We will show you:

  • the full geometry measurement of a turbine blade,
  • break edge and defect measurement and
  • cooling hole measurement


Download the White Paper "Non contact and highly accurate measurement of critical turbine engine components".

Download the Measurement Report about "Turbine blade measurement" with the optical coordinate measuring machine µCMM.

Dimensional measurement in the aerospace industry

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