Measurement of an Injection Nozzle using Vertical Focus Probing

This measurement report shows how the new technology Vertical Focus Probing is used to measure an injection nozzle.

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In this measurement report you can see the measurement of an injection nozzle with the InfiniteFcus G5plus and a rotation unit. Until now, geometries like nozzle needles with such tight tolerances were hardly measurable optically. This changes with the new Vertcal Focus Probing technology. It enables the direct measurement of vertical walls and micro holes without rotating the sample during the measurement. This significantly shortens the measurement time.

The measurement task contains following parameters:

  • Concentricity of the top cone to the datum system
  • Concentricity of the middle cylinder to the datum system
  • Diameter of the middle cylinder and the datum system
  • Roundness of the middle cylinder and the datum system
Measurement of an Injection Needle using Vertical Focus Probing

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