Highly accurate optical µCMM for measurement of micro holes

In this conference paper from the "15th CIRP - Conference on Computer Aided Tolerancing" the performance of the latest product innovation from Alicona, a purely optical 3D coordinate measuring machine (µCMM), is described.

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  • What makes the coordinate measuring machine so precise: Stable granite construction, air-bearing axes with linear motors  as well as an optical sensor based on focus variation and automatic lens recognition are essential factors.
  • On which the accuracy of the µCMM is based: Length measurement error of E= (0.8 + L/600) µm based on ISO 10360
  • How accuracy can be verified: Specially developed calibration standards for verifying distance and form measurements

As an example and for visualization of the µCMM measuring capacities the 3D measurement of micro injection holes of valves is cited.

Also have a look at our µCMM Webinar.

3D hole measurement of micro injection holes of valves

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