Detect edge chipping and optimize cutting edges of tools

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Do not compromise when it comes to the quality assurance of your tools. In this webinar we present you the new features for automatic measurement and optimization of cutting edges.

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  • fully automatic chipping measurement
  • tool roughness measurement with both profile and areal based parameters
  • MultiEdgeMeasurement (Measure multiple edges in only one measurement cycle) and
  • measurement of angles in respect to the tool axis, among them clearance angle, wedge angle and rake angle.

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"Since 1978 Tool-Flo has become a prime supplier of carbide inserts for threading, grooving, turning, milling and specials of various styles. We have been looking for years for quality control inspection systems offering what Alicona supplies. Others have given us promises, Alicona showed the proof.”,

Dennis Flolo, CEO Tool Flo Manufacturing.