Bruker Alicona Anniversary

Thoughts, memories and wishes for the anniversary

Managing Director Christian Janko on 20 years of Focus Variation at Bruker Alicona.

Bruker Alicona is 20 years old. It all started with an idea. It was the idea of using the change in focus in microscopic images to make three-dimensional measurements. In the beginning, we were ridiculed with our Focus Variation technology. What do the Austrians want? There are established optical technologies, why bring a new process onto the market? Soon, Focus Variation was scrutinized down to the last detail and put to the test. The attention was there, and it didn't take long for the reputation to establish itself that this was a highly precise, innovative technology for measuring form and roughness. 

Looking back over the last 20 years, even as a father, I see strong parallels to the development of a child. It makes experiences, grows, discovers talents, develops strengths, gets into trouble and, in adulthood, hopefully becomes a self-confident member of society that constantly develops and changes, even in the face of resistance. I see it similarly with us and Focus Variation: both we and technology have grown up, now serving as role models for others while constantly evolving to recognize new opportunities. 

Christian Janko
Managing Director at Bruker Alicona

On a personal note, it has been a great and wonderful challenge for me to help develop a young company with a new technology in terms of sales. I remember when I was challenged in the early years to "sell" not only a measurement system, but also a technology. At the same time, it was always appealing to me to be part of something new and innovative and to help establish a product portfolio that clearly stood out from everything known. 

I think this drive is a commonality that connects the entire Bruker Alicona team. The creative spirit to change things, to push things forward and to override limitations is still clearly noticeable. For me, the team spirit of the Bruker Alicona family stands for the success of the past years and makes us what we are today. We believe in doing well what we enjoy doing. It has to be fun. Even the year 2020 with all its facets has not driven that out of us. 

I would like to thank all our employees, customers, partners and suppliers for being part of this family and wish you all the best for this common birthday. 

We also want to use 2021 to introduce Bruker Alicona behind the scenes. Get to know our great team, our daily work routine and our vision!

We start with a slightly different birthday serenade. This was created in the summer of 2020 because we wanted to send a signal together that you can also create something together without just being able to be together. And the fun did not come too short!

I am looking forward to the next years together, 
Christian Janko