Faire avancer la justice grâce à la métrologie optique 3D

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Découvrez comment la métrologie optique 3D haute résolution est utilisée pour associer des outils à des marques d'outils spécifiques et bien plus encore.

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  • how to verify surface topographies of toolmark impressions made by firearms and common hand tools like screw drivers
  • how to easily measure land engraved areas of bullets and cartridges or striation patterns on chisels
  • how to provide 3D data which is then processed with state-of-the-art statistical pattern recognition algorithms and
  • how to use the data in court settings to help court officers and juries approach a more objective verdict.

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"Weapons or synthetics with reflecting metals were difficult to view and measure before we worked with InfiniteFocus. This is the main reason why we purchased the Alicona measurement device. It is the perfect tool to measure in a high resolution even with difficult surface conditions.”

René Pieterman, forensic scientist and specialist on invasive traumas.