What makes for efficient production in tool making?

Speaker: Steffen Schoellhammer, Uwe Soldner | TE Connectivity

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The demands on plug connections are high. Reduced size and low power consumption combined with higher performance in even harsh environments are typical quality requirements for these electronic components. Highest precision, verified by using modern measurement technology, is therefore one of the top premises that TE Connectivity practices during the entire manufacturing process. Uwe Soldner, Toolshop Manager EMEA and Steffen Schoellhammer, Toolshop Manager at the facility in Wört/Germany, talk to us about efficient production and how measurement technology can contribute to this efficiency. One aspect is that a measurement process is used in several phases of production, from tool development to quality inspection of the end product. Also a topic of discussion in this round: What are the strengths and weaknesses of a CT compared to an optical CMM?

Session Language GER | Subtitles EN

>>>> This video was recorded at the Bruker Alicona TechDays 2021 - find all videos here.

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