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Salon professionnel MECSPE The reference fair for the manufacturing industry Wed. 29.03.2023 - Fri. 31.03.2023 Bologna, Italy (Europe)
Salon professionnel Control-Stom Fair of Industrial Measuring Technology Tue. 28.03.2023 - Fri. 31.03.2023 Kielce, Poland - Distributor ITA (Europe)
Salon professionnel CIMT China International Machine Tool Exhibition Mon. 10.04.2023 - Sat. 15.04.2023 Beijing, China - Hall W3, booth A406 (Asie)
Salon professionnel MRO Americas Aviation Week Tue. 18.04.2023 - Thu. 20.04.2023 Atlanta, GA, booth 411 (Amérique)
Salon professionnel International Industry Fair Tue. 18.04.2023 - Fri. 21.04.2023 Celjski, Slovenia, Distributor EMUS (Europe)
Colloque Wernesgrüner Werkzeugsymposium 2023 Trends beim Werkzeugschleifen: Energieeffizienz - Miniaturisierung - Automatisierung Tue. 25.04.2023 - Thu. 27.04.2023 Wernesgrün, Wernesgrüner Brauerei Gutshof, Germany (Europe)
Colloque CMM Workshop at ENSMM Presentations, keynote speakers, live meausurements, etc. Thu. 27.04.2023 - Thu. 27.04.2023 Besançon, France, ENSMM (Europe)
Salon professionnel Control International trade fair for quality assurance Tue. 09.05.2023 - Fri. 12.05.2023 Stuttgart, Germany - Main Booth: Hall 5, Booth 5401 & Special Show: Hall 6, Booth 6401 (Europe)
Salon professionnel EXPOMAFE International Fair of Machine Tools and Industrial Automation Tue. 09.05.2023 - Sat. 13.05.2023 Sao Paulo, Brazil, Distributor Rösler Otec (Amérique)
Salon professionnel Industrial Fair Belegrad International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements Tue. 16.05.2023 - Sat. 20.05.2023 Belegrad, Serbia (Europe)
Salon professionnel ITM Industry Europe Industry at Digital Age Tue. 30.05.2023 - Fri. 02.06.2023 Poznan, Poland, Distributor ITA (Europe)
Salon professionnel EMAF International Fair of Machinery, Equipment and Services for Industry Wed. 31.05.2023 - Sat. 03.06.2023 Porto, Portugal, Distributor Zeppelin (Europe)
Salon professionnel Vision, Robotics & Motion Wed. 07.06.2023 - Thu. 08.06.2023 NL, Distributor EMS (Europe)
Salon professionnel EPHJ/EPMT International trade fair for watchmaking, jewellery, microtechnologies and medical technology. Tue. 06.06.2023 - Fri. 09.06.2023 Genf, Switzerland (Europe)
Salon professionnel GTMA Manufacturing Solutions Meeting of most advanced providers of metrology, inspection, machine tools, workholding, cutting tools, and Cad/Cam/PLM manufacturing software Wed. 14.06.2023 - Thu. 15.06.2023 Limerick, Ireland (Europe)
Salon professionnel Paris Air Show The aviation and space industry trade show Mon. 19.06.2023 - Sun. 25.06.2023 Paris, France, WKO booth (Europe)
Salon professionnel Semicon Sat. 29.07.2023 - Tue. 01.08.2023 Shanghai, China (Asie)
Salon professionnel CIOE Wed. 06.09.2023 - Fri. 08.09.2023 Shenzhen, China (Asie)
Salon professionnel EMO Hannover The leading trade show for the manufacturing industry Mon. 18.09.2023 - Sat. 23.09.2023 Hannover, Germany (Europe)
Colloque Kalite Control, Automotive, Aeronautics & Space Industry Testing Equipment, Metrology and Industrial Software Exhibiton Tue. 26.09.2023 - Sun. 01.10.2023 Istanbul, Turkey - Distributor Bilginolgu (Europe)
Salon professionnel Machtech & Innotech Expo The biggest international trade fair for machinery and technologies in metalworking industry in Bulgaria Tue. 03.10.2023 - Fri. 06.10.2023 Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Bulgaria - Distributor EMUS (Europe)
Salon professionnel Deburring Expo Salon professionnel des technologies de l‘ébavurage et des surfaces de précision Tue. 10.10.2023 - Thu. 12.10.2023 Karlsruhe, Allemagne, Hall 1, Booth 210 (Europe)
Salon professionnel MSV Brno The international engineering fair MSV is one of the leading industrial fairs in CEE and an innovation platform Tue. 10.10.2023 - Fri. 13.10.2023 Brno, Czechia (Europe)
Salon professionnel Quality Show The tradeshow for quality manufacturing and process improvement Tue. 24.10.2023 - Thu. 26.10.2023 Rosemont, IL - booth 1427 (Amérique)
Salon professionnel Advanced Engineering Show New technologies for supply chain continuity and manufacturing competitiveness Wed. 01.11.2023 - Thu. 02.11.2023 Birmingham, UK, Distributor Optimax, booth H138 (Europe)
Salon professionnel Westec A powerful face-to-face event series, where technology and advanced manufacturing unite Tue. 07.11.2023 - Thu. 09.11.2023 Long Beach, CA - booth 1731 (Amérique)
Salon professionnel Blechexpo Traid fair for sheet metal working Mon. 07.11.2022 - Fri. 10.11.2023 Stuttgart, Germany, hall 5 / booth 5206 (Europe)