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29 November 2023 

The 3 Trends in Production Metrology you must not miss

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If you do not radically focus on quality, you will not remain competitive throughout the upcoming 5 years. For those who want to stay in the game, it is crucial to learn about the most important trends in metrology. 

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The Top 3 Trends in Production Metrology

Unprecedented Speed & Empowerment by AI

Do you sometimes wonder whether AI can really be the solution to all quality assurance problems?

How to Use Digital Twins to increase Manufacturing Intelligence

What benefits do the Digital Twins that everyone is talking about have for your manufacturing process?

The new Standard of Probing is optical

Will tactile measurement still play a role or is the future optical?

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Are you curious about the evolving landscape of Production Metrology?
Do you want to stay ahead in quality assurance, armed with the latest trends and insights?
The increasing importance of quality management is giving rise to new developments and trends.
But which ones are truly valuable, and which ones can you do without?

Join the conversation between our metrology expert Martina Blattl and Florian Schwimmer and get the answers you've been looking for.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain insights into the 3 top trends revolutionizing Production Metrology. 

29 November 2023
10.00 - 10.30 am (CET)

Recommended for Europe and Asia

29 November 2023
10.00 - 10.30 am (CET)

Recommended for Europe and Asia

Meet the Metrology Expert

Martina Blattl

Martina is a dedicated metrology professional and brings years of expertise in applications and customer care. Thanks to her close connection to customers and the business community, she has an intuitive understanding of emerging directions and trends.

Your Host

Florian Schwimmer

Florian is Marketing & Sales Executive at Bruker Alicona. He is passionate about trends in quality management. His dedicated goal is to elevate global quality management to a higher level with optical 3D metrology.