Non-contact and highly accurate measurement of critical turbine engine components

Turbine engines are highly specialized aircraft components that must meet enormous safety criteria. They are precision components with complex geometries and tolerances in the sometimes single-digit μm range. Functional component features such as micro bores for cooling turbine blades or defined broken edges on highly stressed components contribute both to increased efficiency and to the safe operation of these high-performance systems. One way to meet the new metrological requirements is the use of high-resolution, optical 3D metrology.

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>> Challenges for manufacturers in the aerospace industry
>> Advantages of optical metrology with Focus-Variation as an example
>> Applications of Focus-Variation for break edge, defect and geometry measurement, measurement of cooling holes, coating processes, cutting edge measurement, possibilities of artificial intelligence and much more.

Download the measurement report about "Turbine blade measurement" with the optical coordinate measuring machine µCMM.

Watch our Webinar and learn more about optimizing your turbines by optically measuring break edges and defects.

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