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Online Event | 6 March 2024 

Explore the Brand New Measuring Device FocusX

Join us as we reveal our latest product innovation. With the brand new FocusX we present the most versatile and fastest optical 3D measuring device in its class.
Imagine a system that solves all your measuring tasks - a device that measures dimension, position, shape, and roughness in high resolution, traceability, and high repeatability with one optical sensor. FocusX delivers the unmatched value on the optical 3D metrology market. 

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6 march 2024

6 March 2024
10.00 am (CET)

How to Benefit from the Fastest & Most Versatile
 Measurement Device in its Class

Non Contact Probing of a Knee Implant

Non Contact Probing of a Knee Implant

Components with high-gloss surfaces, steep flanks, complex shapes - no problem for FocusX! The optical measuring device determines the dimensions, position, shape and roughness of the components (e.g. knee implants) in an automated, traceable and repeatable manner. And all of this is contactless, of course.

Optical measurement of machined parts

Proving Precision 
of Machined Components

Have you ever tried to measure the dimension, position, shape, and roughness of a milled and laser-machined component from machine tools like Kern Precision? Learn how the Vertical Focus Probing technology allows to laterally probe the sides of the workpiece, enabling also the measurements of holes and bores with a diameter-to-depth ratio of 1:3 to 1:10.

Optical Measurement of a Electric Connector

Access all Areas of an Electric Connector

In manufacturing, the 3D representation of components plays a crucial role. Imagine a measurement task on an electronic connector with a mating tab width of under 10 mm and a tab thickness under 1 mm. With Real3D technology, the component is measured from numerous perspectives, and the diverse visualizations are merged into a full 3D data.

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6 march 2024

6 March 2024
10.00 am (CET)