Vertical Focus Probing and the use in Dimensional Metrology

Lateral probing, as it has been known until now, is no longer limited to tactile measuring devices. Vertical Focus Probing opens up new possibilities in coordinate measuring technology and closes the gap between tactile and optical coordinate measuring technology.

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Optical measurement instruments based on Focus-Variation are able to measure complex geometries of micro samples. Up to now, they were restricted regarding measurements of micro holes and measurements of vertical slopes with more than 87°. In order to measure two opposite vertical walls of an object, the object had to be articulated with respect to the sensor. In this paper, the measurement principle of Vertical Focus Probing is introduced for the first time. Vertical Focus Probing is an extension of the Focus-Variation technology and hence a pure optical measurement technology. It allows the measurement of vertical walls and micro holes directly without articulating the sample during the measurement. The measurement principle of Vertical Focus Probing is discussed and the impact of this new method on application examples in dimensional metrology is shown. Vertical Focus Probing allows the 3D measurement of micro holes with a diameter to depth ratio of 1:10 and diameters from 0.1mm to 2mm as well as vertical walls with a slope angle of more than 90°. Thus, lateral probing, as it is known from the tactile world, is no longer restricted to tactile measurement instruments.

Zangl, Kerstin & Danzl, Reinhard & Helmli, Franz. (2019). Vertical Focus Probing and the use in Dimensional Metrology. 10.13140/RG.2.2.11917.59364. 

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