Paris Air Show 2023  19 - 25 June 2023 | Paris
Hall  4 | Booth 4-C17

Meet the safety requirements of your aircraft 
components with optical 3D metrology

We would like to welcome you to Paris Air Show, the world class event for
aerospace professionals, from June 19 - 25, 2023.
Learn how to optically measure and evaluate functional features such as cooling holes of turbine blades or defined break edges on highly stressed components.
With Bruker Alicona's optical 3D metrology you will increase efficiency and 
ensure safe operation. We look forward to seeing you!

19 - 25 June, 2023 | Paris (FR)
Meet us at: Hall  4 | Booth4-C17

The following highlights await you:

Discover the only 100% Optical µCMM on the market, allowing the measurement of cooling holes on high pressure turbine blades

Experience the first fully automated optical micro-coordinate measuring machine µCMM which enables the automatic placing, measuring & sorting in production. The automation solution Pick &  Place enables users to set up a complete automation process within ten minutes.

The fastest high resolution 3D measurement sensor in the world

The new technology Focus Probing enables to optically measure and evaluate dimensions within seconds with only one sensor.Measure surface roughness compliant to the new ISO 25178 standard faster than any other optical 3D measurement device. In addition to roughness measurements our new AI-powered software plugins enable you to classify any surface automatically and reproducibly. 

Fast measurement of points & contours with Focus Probing

Fast measurement of points and contours with Focus Probing technology

How to use digital twins to improve production intelligence? Bruker Aliconas MetMax Software fully embraces automation of measurement routines. Learn about the 3 cornerstones of Digital Twins: Measurement planning with CAD data, simulation and real-time quality data for your manufacturing process. 

Operator software MetMaX for automatic measurement & evaluation

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Experience our measuring solutions for your shop floor live on site


This first purely optical CMM on the market can measure extremely tight tolerances with high accuracy, combining the advantages of traditional tactile coordinate measuring technology with those of innovative optical surface metrology systems. The dimensions, position, shape and roughness of your components are measured with a single optical sensor!

Optical coordinate measuring machine µcMM

More optical 3D measuring systems at Paris Air Show 2023

Visit us at Paris Air Show 2023

19 - 25 June 2023 | Paris 
Hall  4 | Stand 4-C17