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Alpha-Bio Tec: Form and roughness for safe sealing

Josef Meisler, Quality Engineering at Alpha-Bio Tec

Josef Meisler,
Quality Engineering, Alpha-Bio Tec 

“My first impression about Alicona was the high expertise and professionalism of its people. I immediately felt that I can rely on a strong partnership and continuous support as well as on the accurate and repeatable measurements achieved by the system. With InfiniteFocusSL I now measure parameters that I have never been able to inspect before. The Alicona 3D measurement system significantly upgrades Alpha-Bio´s quality engineering metrology lab.“ 

Alpha-Bio Tec targets the ongoing improvement of measurements during development, production and final inspection of both dental implants and accessories. InfiniteFocusSL is used in all stages of the manufacturing process and enables “accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements”, says Alpha-Bio Tec. Even across large measurement fields, both form and surface finish measurements are performed in only one system. 

3D measurement of internal conical connection & surface finish

3D measurement of internal conical connection and surface finish


Innovation in development, production and final inspection

Quality engineering at Alpha-Bio Tec focuses on measurement systems that are more precise, more accurate and more reliable in terms of repeatability and reproducibility. With InfiniteFocusSL, the leading manufacturer of advanced implantology and prosthetics solutions is now able to perform both roughness and form measurements with only one system. In particular, form measurement has opened up new measures in quality assurance as it allows the measurement of the internal conical connection of implants. In combination with roughness measurement, this ensures the safe sealing of implant and abutment. 



Internal conical connection and surface finish 

InfiniteFocusSL is used to measure form and roughness. Among other geometries, form measurement includes the verification of a cone´s open conical angle, its roundness as well as different radii and other geometry requirements. In addition to form, also surface finish measurements are achieved. Both, internal and external roughness even at the thread flank is measured. When measuring the external roughness of an implant, areal measurements (Sa, Sq, Sz…) lead to more significant results to verify the surface state.  

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