Surface finish inspection for engineered surfaces

Globally, industry deals with the need to manufacture complex high-tech products with tight tolerances and a high degree of automation. Based on the technology of Focus-Variation our measurement solutions enable you to measure roughness, surface texture and form – even on complex geometries – in only one system. 

For measuring and characterizing the surface topography of engineered components our systems offer high vertical resolution across both small and large measurement volumes. Also, the capability to measure complex components with steep flanks and varying reflection properties has to be taken into account when it comes to advanced manufacturing processes. Alicona measurement systems are robust against vibrations, insensitive to ambient light and can be easily integrated in existing systems.

Aliconas form and roughness measuring devices

are based on the Focus-Variation principle and imply coverage of full functionality of a microcoordinate measurement system. The traceable measurements combine high resolution, high repeatability and high accuracy. All relevant surface features are measured using only one multi-functional measurement sensor.